Apr 12

DateTec Introduces Indian Dating Market

DateTec Introduces Indian Dating Market to Their White Label Dating Platform, the leader in online dating white labeling services, enhances their platform to include the Indian Dating market.

With the dynamics of dating in the Indian culture rapidly evolving and in order to service those Indian daters living in the UK and US, DateTec has introduced the Indian dating niche market to its white label dating platform.

India has the second largest diaspora in the world. The number of Indians now living abroad in search of further education and employment continues to grow, and it is estimated that more than 30 million Indians now live abroad.

“We understand that it is important to feel a connection with someone who is part of your community,” said Tanya Fathers, CEO of DateTec.  ”Sharing similar values and culture is essential when determining who you choose to spend your life with.”

The world of online dating is filled with thousands of sites that cater to almost any niche imaginable, and is known for its ability to anticipate the needs of its partners. Their award winning platform is fully customizable, making it easy for entrepreneurs to create and run their own online dating site.

About DateTec: was established in 2003 and is an international white label dating platform with over 12,000 partners worldwide. operates in 22 languages, and supports 58 niche markets.

Jan 19

Creating Logos and Unique Content

Creating logos and unique content

I really enjoyed reading the latest article from Daniel Henningsson on how to make your site look unique. It is excellent and I will certainly be following up on some of his expert tips. In my recent article outlining a Dating site set up checklist, I mentioned a number of areas that I would cover in more depth when setting up a site, primarily aimed at making your site look different from the excellent, but basic, templates provided by DateTec.

I recently transferred one of my dating sites from World Dating Partners to DateTec, and needed to set up again. With a few modifications it is already getting some great conversions. If you follow some of these basic steps, you could have a site that looks something like this:

Sep 08

Your Dating Site And Google Alerts: 5 useful things about Google Alerts

The world is changing. Every day, millions of people add their own touch to the World Wide Web and it’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with all the news. Google Alerts is the simplest way to get regular updates on what is happening in all of your areas of your interest.

Be prepared for new things

Prepare a web page or website using specific content with key words or search queries. Then when Google Alerts users select a search query that matches the keywords on your page it will potentially be popular in the future. Over time your page will get into the top Google Alerts with less effort and will soon become more popular.

How this can be applied to your dating site?
Try to keep an eye on unpopular or occasional search queries related to dating, as time goes by these queries will become more popular and you can adjust your meta tags to avoid becoming unpopular.

Niche sites

Using alerts is extremely helpful for niche sites. You will always know what topics are related to your niche, and what people interested in your niche are looking for and writing about.

How this can be applied to your dating site?
Set up an alert based on your niche and you will be amazed by how much search info you will start getting. Now you are on the same page with your market!

Keep an eye on competitors

Once the alerts are set up you will know what content your competitors are writing about and what they overlook (in your opinion). Reviewing the alerts might give you new ideas about SEO or blogging.

How this can be applied to your site?
See what other people are writing about and find your unique topic. Reading comments to find out what people are looking for gives you the opportunity to meet their needs.
Track your content for possible plagiarism by setting alerts to search for your key phrases.

Incoming links

Track incoming links that are pointed to your site by setting up an alert for your domain name.
If you want to track incoming links to a particular page (news on your site, for example), you can enter the exact page URL.

I hope these tips will help you to use Google Alerts not only for getting the latest news on celebrities and sports , but also as an efficient tool for your business!

Sep 08

DateTec Mobile Dating Usage Is Now Five Times As High As Web Usage

Top tier dating sites are seeing 40% of their daily logins coming from mobile phones. The DateTec mobile audience spends 5 times more time online compared to web users now.

London, UK – Aug 6, 2012 – ’Internet dating’ is quickly morphing into ’mobile dating.’ Many top tier dating sites are seeing over 40% of their daily logins coming from mobile phones now, mostly from smart phones.*

DateTec’s mobile service was released in May and is now available across all DateTec partner sites. Mobile usage on the DateTec mobile dating service is highest in Italy, Spain and USA.

The DateTec mobile audience spends 5 times more time online compared to web users now. They also return more often. Mobile visitors return at a rate 25% higher than from DateTec web users.

DateTec has added numerous mobile payment methods for mobile dating users to help them become paying members. All the standard payment methods are offered; credit card, bank, direct debit, PayPal. In addition DateTec mobile users can pay by cash in Latin America and via SMS in Europe and USA. DateTec has focused on mobile development recently because end-users demand it. The difference is that DateTec mobile makes money for its white label dating partners.

*According to a recent presentation at the Internet Dating Conference, by Online Personals Watch.

About DateTec: was established in 2003 and is continental Europe’s leading white label dating platform with over 12,000 partners worldwide. operates in 18 languages, and supports 42 niches.

Apr 11

Google Webmaster Tools

Add your dating sites to Google Webmaster tools

I doubt that anyone can have too much information about their dating sites’ performance. We at DateTec are working to give you all the reports and information possible, but it is also worth using third party tracking facilities for better SEO experience.

Do you want to see how search engine bots see your dating site? Do you want to know what errors they encounter in your site maps or robots.txt files? If the answer is yes you need to start using the specialist SEO software that will allow you analyze your dating site and advise about the opportunities you maybe missing out.

Let’s start with a free one that is available to everyone – Google webmaster tools. Google webmaster tools allow anyone who owns a dating web-site to track various metrics regarding their site’s performance. It includes anything from problems encountered while search engine bots crawl the site to the most prominent keywords that came up with the search results for you dating site. It is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to know if Google (and other search engines) are having trouble crawling your dating site for any reason.

To get started with Google webmaster tools you need to get or sign into your Google account, and go to

After you have added your site to the list you will need to verify it.

There are few ways of doing this and here is the easiest one:

  1. Click “Add a site” button in your Google webmaster tools account and enter the URL of a site you’d like to manage there (please make sure you are entering it exactly how it appears in your browser – with or without www):01 Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Now click on the alternative methods tab and choose the “Add a meta tag to your site’s home page” method:02 Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Copy the meta tag to your clipboard and go to the DateTec admin panel. You need to put the meta tag to the source code of your site’s home page via the Front page (advanced) section. Please put it before the </head> tag:03 Google Webmaster Tools
  4. Save the changes, publish your site and wait until its development status changes to “Completed”:04 Google Webmaster Tools
  5. Go to Google webmaster tools and click the “Verify” button. If you did everything right, you’ll see the message:05 Google Webmaster Tools

We also recommend you watch the Google for Webmasters video tutorial:

Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager if you have any questions, and we hope that this information was useful for your SEO efforts!

Nick Dovgopolyy

Partner manager

Jan 19

Use DateTec’s promotional tools to advertise your dating site

Here at DateTec, we have a range of tools for you to use when advertising your dating site. Here are five of our tools for you to have a look at. more…

Jan 17

Creating a community

Do you want your members to renew their subscription just as much as you want new registrations? You should do! Give them a reason to keep on coming back – make your site into a community.

Create internal pages to your dating site with content relevant to your niche and advertise them with newsletters. For example, you could have a vegetarian dating website with additional pages containing vegetarian recipes on; or if you had a disabled dating website, you could have an events page and then send the members a newsletter to tell them about it. more…

Jan 12

Customer Feedback

After a great response on our last member feedback article, we want to make this a monthly occurrence. We often get new partners enquiring about our customer service and so we thought it would be nice to share it with everyone. Since the last post, we’ve had an even better response from our members. We’ve had a high level of matches and a lot of customers that had forgotten how much they enjoy dating. Here are a few messages we’ve received: more…

Jan 10

Google pay per click case study

One of our partners has kindly consented to let us show you one of his small campaigns that show how one can profitably earn from niches and careful geographic targeting, using only Google pay per click campaigns. It is a very simple campaign and does not take advantage of the many features one can use to optimize the campaign. However it is a good example for those starting out. more…

Jan 05

Try giving your site a fresh new look

A lot of our partners have been asking us if it is possible to change the picture on the chosen template and if so, how to do it. So we have created this article to give you a hand. By making your site more unique, you are heading in the right direction for creating a strong brand for your business. This gives the members confidence in your site, and therefore you are more likely to get the conversions you want. more…

Jan 03

Come To The Online Dating Summit in Barcelona!

odslogo Come To The Online Dating Summit in Barcelona!

Our DateTec dating platform providers DateTec are sponsoring the Online Dating Summit and will be attending this event again this spring, which will be held in Barcelona 2-5 March 2012. more…

Dec 27

iDate Conference and Awards Ceremony

idate iDate Conference and Awards Ceremony

The iDate Conference 2012 is nearly here! We are sponsoring the iDate Conference for the fourth year running, the event runs between the 23rd and 30th January 2012, the awards ceremony is being held on the 24 January 2012. It’s being held at Miami Beach Conference Centre, Miami, USA. more…

Dec 23

We’re open!

Over the Christmas holidays DateTec is open as normal. You can reach us just as you normally would – so if you need a hand don’t hesitate to contact us! more…

Dec 22

DateTec meet up in Ukraine

Being an international company, we have offices all over the world and this year we decided to head to Ukraine for our Christmas get together. more…

Dec 22

Is your site still yet to make an appearance on a search engine? Read here for help.

First things first, find all the search engines you want your site to appear on and register with them. To maximise exposure, include the local and niche search engines as well as the world wide ones such as Google. more…

Dec 20

Take advantage of the New Year traffic

The New Year and the month of love brings in more traffic than any time of year. People are staying inside more due to the weather, vowing not to be alone for another Valentine’s Day, Christmas or New Year. more…

Dec 20

Sponsoring YNOT Karting event

DateTec is proud to be sponsoring all four of YNOT’s Grand Prix 2012 events. The first event is being held in Las Vegas GP at the Internext track, on 15th-17th January 2012. more…

Dec 07

Customer Feedback

Here at DateTec, we believe that exceptional customer service is paramount in this business and we love to hear from our customers to see whether we’re hitting the mark. We are always striving to do better and our aim is to provide outstanding service because happy customers mean a happy business. When we get positive feedback, we really appreciate it – we know we’re heading in the right direction. more…

Dec 02

Networking in London

In the online dating industry, things are always changing. We are always trying to update software, facilities for members and the general way of using systems. Being an internet based industry, a lot of the communicating is done online. So a few times a year, a number of people that work in the dating industry get together to catch up and talk about new business opportunities. more…

Nov 24

Using Social Media to generate traffic to your site

Tip of the Month

George Carter – VP Marketing gives us this month’s tip. more…

Taking your dating business to the next level