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Apr 12

DateTec Introduces Indian Dating Market

DateTec Introduces Indian Dating Market to Their White Label Dating Platform, the leader in online dating white labeling services, enhances their platform to include the Indian Dating market.

With the dynamics of dating in the Indian culture rapidly evolving and in order to service those Indian daters living in the UK and US, DateTec has introduced the Indian dating niche market to its white label dating platform.

India has the second largest diaspora in the world. The number of Indians now living abroad in search of further education and employment continues to grow, and it is estimated that more than 30 million Indians now live abroad.

“We understand that it is important to feel a connection with someone who is part of your community,” said Tanya Fathers, CEO of DateTec.  ”Sharing similar values and culture is essential when determining who you choose to spend your life with.”

The world of online dating is filled with thousands of sites that cater to almost any niche imaginable, and is known for its ability to anticipate the needs of its partners. Their award winning platform is fully customizable, making it easy for entrepreneurs to create and run their own online dating site.

About DateTec: was established in 2003 and is an international white label dating platform with over 12,000 partners worldwide. operates in 22 languages, and supports 58 niche markets.

Jan 17

Creating a community

Do you want your members to renew their subscription just as much as you want new registrations? You should do! Give them a reason to keep on coming back – make your site into a community.

Create internal pages to your dating site with content relevant to your niche and advertise them with newsletters. For example, you could have a vegetarian dating website with additional pages containing vegetarian recipes on; or if you had a disabled dating website, you could have an events page and then send the members a newsletter to tell them about it. more…

Jan 12

Customer Feedback

After a great response on our last member feedback article, we want to make this a monthly occurrence. We often get new partners enquiring about our customer service and so we thought it would be nice to share it with everyone. Since the last post, we’ve had an even better response from our members. We’ve had a high level of matches and a lot of customers that had forgotten how much they enjoy dating. Here are a few messages we’ve received: more…

Jan 03

Come To The Online Dating Summit in Barcelona!

odslogo Come To The Online Dating Summit in Barcelona!

Our DateTec dating platform providers DateTec are sponsoring the Online Dating Summit and will be attending this event again this spring, which will be held in Barcelona 2-5 March 2012. more…

Dec 27

iDate Conference and Awards Ceremony

idate iDate Conference and Awards Ceremony

The iDate Conference 2012 is nearly here! We are sponsoring the iDate Conference for the fourth year running, the event runs between the 23rd and 30th January 2012, the awards ceremony is being held on the 24 January 2012. It’s being held at Miami Beach Conference Centre, Miami, USA. more…

Dec 23

We’re open!

Over the Christmas holidays DateTec is open as normal. You can reach us just as you normally would – so if you need a hand don’t hesitate to contact us! more…

Dec 22

DateTec meet up in Ukraine

Being an international company, we have offices all over the world and this year we decided to head to Ukraine for our Christmas get together. more…

Dec 20

Sponsoring YNOT Karting event

DateTec is proud to be sponsoring all four of YNOT’s Grand Prix 2012 events. The first event is being held in Las Vegas GP at the Internext track, on 15th-17th January 2012. more…

Dec 07

Customer Feedback

Here at DateTec, we believe that exceptional customer service is paramount in this business and we love to hear from our customers to see whether we’re hitting the mark. We are always striving to do better and our aim is to provide outstanding service because happy customers mean a happy business. When we get positive feedback, we really appreciate it – we know we’re heading in the right direction. more…

Dec 02

Networking in London

In the online dating industry, things are always changing. We are always trying to update software, facilities for members and the general way of using systems. Being an internet based industry, a lot of the communicating is done online. So a few times a year, a number of people that work in the dating industry get together to catch up and talk about new business opportunities. more…

Dec 21

A Moment of Pride

“Remind people that profit is the difference between revenue and expense. This makes you look smart.” – Scott Adams

Wow, what happened to 2010? The years are definitely getting shorter since we started DateTec. The speed with which time is passing, has led me to step back and review what we’ve achieved since we started working on DateTec in January 2009. more…

Dec 10

The Dating Business – Growth in perpetuity

“The book of love is long and boring; no one can lift the damn thing. It’s full of charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing.” – The Book of Love by Magnetic Fields

I’m not the most romantic of guys much to my wife’s chagrin, so I thought I’d put a romantic quote of sorts at the beginning of this post. A fantastic love song, beautifully written without being too slushy, but best sung by Peter Gabriel. more…

Oct 28

Matching Making Systems and Scammers – just what is the difference?

There has been a lot of talk on the wires about Fighting Scammers and Matching systems.

At DateTec we tend not to put press releases out just to generate hype without substance, unlike most of our competitors. I did however feel compelled to let you all know our position on these sensitive themes. more…

Sep 08

There’s money in them there mobiles!!

We just have to make sure that our partners and ourselves make money from it.

“If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be surprised“. Dorothy Parker

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve spent a great deal of time recently investigating our options with regard to mobile. One of the big challenges is all the people who collect along the way when you are taking payments or delivering a service on mobile, for those of you who can’t find the very tenuous connection to my opening quote, that’s where it is! more…

Aug 27

Crowdsourcing or the art of Delegation

“I’ve just been on a once in a lifetime holiday. I tell you what, never again!!” (Tim Vine – comedian)

It’s been a while since I did this, so apologise to my avid reader, you can come back now. Does this long pause make me a rubbish blogger? Well it probably does really; however the challenge when writing a blog about “white label dating” is that it’s difficult not to keep repeating yourself. That’s exactly what I found myself doing. So using the World Cup, Summer Holidays, I’m busy and faking creative exhaustion, I’ve pushed this out in front of me.  If I’ve got the whole world to blog about there are millions things everyday to bang on about and be interesting and witty. If it’s the dating industry, not that much happens that requires comment of any kind. more…

Jun 21

Keep your eyes on the bigger picture while managing the detail

Many bloggers and indeed Journalist use a famous quote to start their post. Not liking to seem too pretentious I thought I’d use a few really obscure ones in this. more…

Jun 08

How do I improve the quality of my traffic?

Sorry not to have been as productive on the blog front of late, but I’d rather say something meaningful than just be repetitive. On this train of thought of quality rather than quantity, I decided to write a piece on quality of traffic and targeting. more…

Apr 20

How to start a new niche market where there isn’t a database

20.04.10 – One thing we hear again and again is that partners want to wait until there is a big enough database before they start marketing in a niche or new market.

I have sympathy for that position however it does leave you missing a trick. Firstly the cost of acquisition in a new market is very low compared to a mature market. Secondly the size of community required to start generating revenue is a lot smaller than you would expect. more…

Mar 09

It’s easy to communicate with people you know something about

I was reading an article in The Times today; it was talking about the decline of Christianity in the UK. It raised an interesting point. Is Christianity in decline or has it just become unfashionable? When I was growing up in the 70’s it was still very much the done thing to go to Church on Sunday, the audience was much larger. However, was the high attendance due to social requirement to be there or were they really committed Christians. Has there just been separation of the wheat from the chaff, has the church not just exchanged quantity for quality. more…

Jan 14

Let’s analyze our paying “members”!!

Reports can be fun as well as informative

At dating factory we can run reports on just about anything to give you a detailed insight into the profile of the paying customer. Some of the most interesting ones are based on criteria coming from the questionnaire that people fill out when registering.

Today I just couldn’t resist running a report on some of our casual sites comparing payments to size (or claimed size) of the male members “member”.


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