Advertisers and publishers

DateTec is an ideal platform to deliver behaviour and interest targeted advertising. When creating a profile, our customers fill in a lot of information that allows us to show them relevant targeted products. Get more bang for your buck by targeting advertising to our members on the basis of geographical location, gender, age, interests/hobbies and more, Easy management and extensive statistics are provided real time 24/7.

Users Database

Our database is constantly growing with thousands of new profiles being registered each day. Clever niche filtering will ensure that only relevant customers see your ads.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

We provide all the tools you need to build banners and text ads for your marketing campaigns.
You may place advertising on most external and internal pages of your website allowing you profit from all your traffic even if the members do not upgrade. Earn from banner impressions, Clickbank products, Adsense and many more. We will also be negotiating group advertising across all sites on the network on which you will also earn commissions. Make easy money using these additional revenue opportunities.
We will have a regular program of communication to encourage member to upgrade to paying and to buy other complementary products
Each dating affiliate is given access to their own e-CRM tools, advanced analytics and reporting, to help you instantly evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. The reporting tools have a very familiar “Google” like feel to them. You can add Google analytics and Google conversion tracking to your dating website pages to get advanced traffic statistics in addition to our own extensive member and commission reports.
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Get better conversions by targeting relevant niches. We can cut the database however you choose, to maximise the relevance and effect of your marketing campaign. Contact us and we will happy to build whatever niche you may want to focus on.
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Direct communication

You will have a dedicated person managing your account, who will give you constant feedback and work with you, to maximize your revenues, Contact us

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