Domain owners

domain owners Domain owners
Have good unused domain names? Instead of parking it throw up a site with your domain and earn more than you could from just parking it. Put your Adsense on the site too, so you won’t loose out. Make your assets give you a return grow and build a dating business at the same time.

White label platform

DateTec offers a complete White Label Dating solution with a pre-populated database of members if you have a good domain to park with us. Your own look and feel, following your ideas and designs throughout the sites. You build YOUR brand not ours.
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Use your specific domain names to reach your targeted audience and get better conversion rates and revenue per member on one of our niche sites.
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DateTec affiliates can build and promote sites in multiple languages. We have English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch; and can add any additional language on request. (this passage as image)
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Your own affiliate program

If you qualify for our Platinum Partner status you are eligible to become a Master Affiliate. We will build a site similar to this one and you can run your own affiliate program. This will enable you to run your own sites, set up banner campaigns, PPA referral programs with webmaster and recruit your own affiliates. You will earn revenue from the dating affiliates you bring to us for all the time of their relationship with us.
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Internal Banner system

With DateTec you have a choice to ether place banners on your website pages yourself, or just relax and let us do it for you, and pay you commissions in line with your revenue share. Make some easy extra cash by maximizing your internet real estate.
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We provide comprehensive tutorials if you want to do a bit more than just sit on your domain name. See if you can make the most of what you have
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Affiliate commission structure

We ensure that you will make more profits with us, than you did on your own previously. Contact us to discuss specific affiliate commission structures.
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