Email marketing companies

email marketing companies Email marketing companies
Use your opted–in lists and promote your own dating site, add banners or text links on your emails and newsletters, Promote to consumers and to people who want to earn money on the internet. Set up your own Master Affiliate Program under your own brand with a site just like this one and receive recurring income from your promotions.

White label dating platform

DateTec offers a complete White Label Dating solution with a pre populated members database. Detailed attention has been paid to ensure a high conversion rate. Create your sites with your own look and feel; implement your designs and ideas throughout the sites. Talk to us about what level of customization is required.
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Instant fully customizable dating templates

We have put a great deal of work into simplifying the building of websites, to the point that you don’t have to be an experienced webmaster to launch your own site.
If you have HTML experience you can use full editing facilities we provide for your pages and customize your website the way you want to, If you don’t have HTML experience contact us and we will help
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Referring other businesses

Create portfolio of dating affiliates and partners working under you using b2b promotion techniques. Generate stable recurring affiliate income in a years to come.
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Get better conversions by targeting niches. We can filter the database however you choose, to maximise the relevance and effect of your marketing. Choose from almost any niche you can imagine and make money from day one. Quality designs will hook your members in; appealing internal content will keep them on the sites. If it’s not already there we are happy to build whatever niche you may want to focus on.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

We provide all the tools you need to build banners and text ads for your marketing campaigns.
You may place advertising on most external and internal pages of your website allowing you profit from all your traffic even if the members do not upgrade. Earn from banner impressions, Clickbank products, Adsense and many more. We will also be negotiating group advertising across all sites on the network on which you will also earn commissions. Make easy money using these additional revenue opportunities
Once you have brought us a profile, we will start a regular program of communication to encourage that member to upgrade to paying and to enjoy the service so much they will stay for a long time to come.
Each dating affiliate is given access to their own e-CRM tools, advanced analytics and reporting, to help you instantly evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. The reporting tools have a very familiar “Google” like feel to them. You can add Google analytics and Google conversion tracking to your dating website pages to get advanced traffic statistics in addition to our own extensive member and commission reports.
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Affiliate commission structure

As long term affiliates ourselves we understand how long it takes to convert marketing spend into significant revenue. To help you through these first few months, everyone starts off on the highest level of commission we pay. After three months we will evaluate the revenue generated by your traffic and establish your commission levels accordingly. (make this passage an image)
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Taking your dating business to the next level