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niche communities Niche communities
Staying ahead of the global trend on the internet we created the only true niche white label dating affiliate program on the market. We understand your customer’s needs and give you all the tools to target your website to the relevant audience. Proper niche targeting will help you to manage your marketing budget more effectively and make higher profits with our affiliate dating network.
Niche customization on the front end + true niche service inside = high conversions and high retention = high revenue

Niche customization on the front end + true niche service inside = high conversions and high retention = high revenue


Today’s generation of internet users expect relevant web content. When searching for e.g. Senior dating they will be more attracted and likely to sign up to a senior dating site rather than a site that has some seniors in it. It is all about communities and common interests. . Being in internet marketing ourselves we put immense efforts to create our clever niche logic. We can cut our global database however you choose, to maximise the relevance and effect of your marketing spend and grow your dating business.
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Keep an open communication with your members. Manage a forum relevant to your niche community and keep users returning to your website daily. This is a great way l to keep your web community active, get direct feedback from your members, create a discussion groups and of course this gives you additional advertising opportunities
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DateTec provides easy tools to run your own blog linked to your own dating site on our platform. Keep your niche dating site active and content constantly updated without much effort from your side.
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We have a unique technology to filter a common database of millions of users into relevant niche communities with possibilities to cross sell one to another. We can create split databases to maximise potential of your traffic. Strict and clever niche filtering together with the correct marketing will ensure that you only get relevant, high revenue per user, customers to your website.
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We understand the sensitivity of some particular niche customers groups. Our servers and database have high levels of high level of security and user’s information is very well protected. DateTec is registered with Swiss data protection act. Personal information of your customers will never be shared or sold. We can set up separate data-base if you feel it is what your targeted audience require
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Website content management

Relevant content is a key to keep your niche community interested. DateTec provides tools to customize every page of your website You can add your own pages, or edit areas on the existing ones.
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DateTec system is SEO friendly, we provide extensive range of tools to edit your website pages and add your own unique content. Full HTML and content editing facilities give you the flexibility to optimize your site and improve your profitability.
Need help with SEO? We can provide you a list of competent SEO companies you can work with.
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Pricing and currencies

DateTec websites feature billing in multiple currencies with flexible payment options and pricing policies. You can specify price that suits your market. IP targeted currency set up allows you set different prices for different countries making you competitive in those markets. Operating with a basket of currencies makes you less vulnerable to currency fluctuations
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Affiliate commission structure

As long term dating affiliates ourselves we understand how long it takes to convert marketing spend into significant revenue. To help you through these first few months, everyone starts off on the highest level of commission. After three months we will evaluate how much traffic and the quality of the traffic you are sending us and establish your affiliate commissions’ levels accordingly. (this passage is image)
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