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Full website customization, web2.0 SEO friendly websites design and architecture, dynamic content, extensive statistics and many other tools – we have it all to convert your SEO efforts into money.

White label dating platform

DateTec offers a complete editing facility to make sites SEO-friendly. Your own content, your URL throughout the website, special tracking features and much more. Talk to us about what level of customization is required.
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Instant Fully customizable Template websites

If you want to get your dating business of the ground quickly and start earning money the best solution is a white label site complete with templates, customer support, moderation, payment processing and more. DateTec provides a unique fully customizable instant template websites. You can optimize your websites whichever way you want using full editing facilities. Your websites will have your URL on all pages. No masking or redirects are used.
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As internet marketing professionals we love free traffic and to help you get as much of it as you can we allow pretty much free editing of the site to make your it unique and search engine friendly, add meta tags, keywords, edit the alt descriptions on the pictures, add keyword rich text and more, not only on the home page but on internal sites as well. You can also create multiple landing pages with unique relevant content.
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External marketing tools

DateTec gives you full set of marketing tools to get your website established on the internet. Easy adding of static pages, banners, text links, xml members feeds, RSS feeds, xml site map, meta tags editing and much more
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DatingFactory affiliates can build and promote sites in multiple languages. We have English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch; and can add any additional language on request. (this passage as image)
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Use a forum as an additional tool to help rank your website, create discussion groups relevant to your website community and show new user generated content, updated daily
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Are you looking for fresh content? Our user’s blog is just for you. It’s a great marketing tool requires no effort.

Affiliate commission structure

As long term affiliates ourselves we understand how long it takes to convert marketing spend into significant revenue. To help you through these first few months, everyone starts off on the highest level of commission we pay. After three months we will evaluate how much traffic and the quality of the traffic you are sending us and establish your commission levels accordingly. (make this passage as image)
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