Our aim is to work with you to create the most profitable solution for your dating business. We provide the technology and back end support. The only thing you have to do is marketing. We give you freedom to concentrate on what you to best – making money using your internet marketing knowledge.

Instant Fully customizable dating template websites

We have put a great deal of work into simplifying the building of websites, to the point that you don’t have to be very IT or HTML literate to launch your own site.
If you have html experience you can use full editing facilities we provide for your pages and customize your website the way you want, if you don’t call us for help.
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Banners and text links

Direct traffic from your existing website to your own dating site using a set of quality that will appeal to your audience and fit into your advertising campaigns
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Your own dating affiliate program

If you qualify for our Platinum Partner status you are eligible to become a Master Affiliate. We will build a site similar to this one and you can run your own affiliate program. This will enable you to run your own sites, set up banner campaigns, PPA referral programs with webmaster and recruit your own affiliates.. You will earn revenue from the dating affiliates you bring to us for all the time of their relationship with us.
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External marketing tools

DateTec gives you full set of marketing tools to get your website established on the internet and start making money quickly. Banners, text links, xml members feeds, RSS feeds, xml site map, meta-tags editing and many more
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A Database is essential to any new dating site. With DateTec you will get an instantly pre-populated website. You will have access to our ever growing global database of members that you and our other dating affiliates bring us in the thousands daily. Strict and clever niche filtering will ensure that you only show relevant profiles on your website.
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As internet marketing professionals we understand the profitability of targeting niches and groups in the dating industry. We can cut the database however you choose, to maximise the relevance and effect of your marketing spend and help you to be more profitable. Choose from almost any niche you can imagine. Quality designs will hook your members in; appealing internal content will keep them on the sites. If it’s not already there would be happy to build a niche you may want to focus on.
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Analytics and statistics

DateTec makes it easy to manage your marketing as well as measure your dating or adult dating sites performance. DateTec internal reports together with easily implemented external tools like Google analytics or similar tracking codes will give real time updates for your traffic performance and dating affiliates activity. Have daily updates sent to you by email, or login to the administration panel and see real time statistics live.
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Affiliate commission structure

As long term dating affiliates ourselves we understand how long it takes to convert marketing spend into significant revenue. To help you through these first few months, everyone starts off on the highest level of commission we pay. After three months we will evaluate the volume and the quality of the traffic you are sending us and establish your affiliate commissions’ levels accordingly. (this passage is image)
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DatingFactory affiliates can build and promote sites in multiple languages. We have English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch; and can add any additional language on request. (this passage as image)
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Pricing and currencies

DatingFactory websites feature billing in multiple currencies with flexible payment options and pricing policies. You can specify price that suits your market. IP targeted currency set up allows you set different prices for different countries making you competitive in those markets. Operating with a basket of currencies makes you less vulnerable to currency fluctuations
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

We provide all the tools you need to build banners and text ads for your marketing campaigns.
You may place advertising on most external and internal pages of your website allowing you profit from all your traffic even if the members do not upgrade. Earn from banner impressions, Clickbank products, Adsense and many more. We will also be negotiating group advertising across all sites on the network on which you will also earn commissions. Make easy money using these additional revenue opportunities.
Once you have brought us a profile, we will start a regular program of communication to encourage that member to upgrade to paying and to enjoy the service so much they will stay for a long time to come.
Each dating affiliate is given access to their own e-CRM tools, advanced analytics and reporting, to help you instantly evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. The reporting tools have a very familiar “Google” like feel to them. You can add Google analytics and Google conversion tracking to your dating website pages to get advanced traffic statistics in addition to our own extensive member and commission reports.
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Natural listings are proven to be one of the best sources of traffic. DatingFactory system is SEO friendly, we provide extensive range of tools to customise your website pages. Full HTML and content editing facilities give you flexibility to optimize your site and make money without spending a fortune on marketing.
Need help with SEO? Call us for a list of competent companies you can work with.
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DateTec gives you the opportunity to communicate with your members through a forum. Create a discussion groups relevant to your dating website community. Get direct feedback from your members, and of course earn some extra cash by having some additional advertising opportunities
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User generated content plus it’s a great marketing tool. Your dating website on our platform has it all.
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News feeds

Keep everything in one place, get news feeds from DatingFactory.com and other industry blogs and forums. Keep yourself up to date with latest market trends and our expert’s advice and suggestions on how to make fast money online.
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We, our top affiliates and other marketing specialists are happy to share our experiences with our affiliate webmasters. DateTec has a wide range of marketing tutorials and a webmaster forum in your administration area. Ask the experts and get instant answer.
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Customer support

We provide 24/7 customer support for your website users. You do not have to hire extra staff to manage your sites.
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Technical support

All customers are important to us. Our technical support team is here to help everyone, large and small customers alike. Feel free to contact us for support at any time.
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