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There are many opportunities for organizations, businesses and individuals with strong ties to specific communities who may want to provide a way for people to contact each other. For example expats, ethnic groups or travel companions. Our generic platform can be tailored to suit some of these opportunities. Our up to date technology, multilingual capabilities and excellent technical support and back office infrastructure allows organizations without any in house internet expertise to provide high quality solutions with strong earning potential.

DateTec white label dating and affiliate platform offers a Master partner opportunity to the companies or individuals who have the potential to cover a specific market. The model is close to franchising opportunities, please feel free to contact our support for more details on this to set up a call with the management team.

If you want to promote our platform to other businesses you can use our referral program. Build up your business portfolio and relax for the rest of your life. Other webmasters will create your income. You can see live statistics and your earnings in our admin panel:

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