Accordingly to research published in the REVOLUTION magazine, brands are missing out on potential customers by continuing to channel ad spend through the biggest portals. Targeted ads on relevant niche sites are likely to receive 22 % better response then on the leading portals like Yahoo and MSN.

There several reasons for positive response of users on niche sites:

  • Trust the Website – 32 %
  • Engaging content – 34%
  • Personal connection -24%

In a recession it is vital for web businesses to avoid the traditional scatter-gun approach to engaging their users. With such a large choice, search engines are so successful because they help users find information and answers to very specific queries. Relevance is the key to showing up in the results. Your sites will be more relevant if they address specific needs of users and the community they are seeking to join. For example Christian daters are more likely to search and sign up and pay for a service designed for Christian daters rather than a general site where there may be some Christians. You can also engage them with relevant content such as church events and news and so forth. Narrow it down further  and limit the site to a local region or city or even further make it for people over 45 years of age “With DateTec you can have as many sites as you wish so creating niches does not limit the amount of potential members you can sign up..

As the result of niche targeting the click-through on ads relevant to content of niche sites is 35 % higher compared to the general sites

DateTec niche targeted websites are different from all other niche white label dating systems because they are designed to meet both users and affiliates needs.

For the members of the site:

  • targeted niche web content
  • database of likeminded people to instantly connect with
  • Easy lay out and informative dynamic content of the site that engages relevant interests and increases retention

For the affiliates/partners

  • Choice of the best converting niches on the market
  • Ability to create many more new niches
  • Easy content management to keep your site unique and search engine friendly
  • Members data base to pre-populate each niche site
  • Flexible payment options to appeal to different markets
  • Multilingual web interface
  • Extensive statistics to track your marketing campaigns and see which niche converts the best
  • Instant cross selling opportunities to maximize your member’s value

For the 3d party advertisers

  • Easy manageable banner system
  • Extensive statistic reports
  • Highly converting targeted web audience
  • User behaviour targeted advertising network

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